Some exciting news!

We here at the Wanderers normally like to keep this blog space for just awesome wedding after awesome wedding… That is what you are here to see, right?

But today we have some news SO great, we couldn’t help but borrow the airspace on the blog just this once to share it with you.

Our friends over at Cosmopolitan Bride have for a very long time now, been putting out incredible issue after incredible issue, with amazing ideas, stories and photos that hook us in every time.

Just recently, Cosmo Bride released it’s ‘Real Weddings annual’ full to the brim of amazing weddings from all over the country (and the world). As we flicked through the pages today, we came across not one of our weddings, but THREE!

We just feel so blessed and honoured that Cosmo would take such an interest in what we are trying to do here, and are more inspired than ever to continue shooting to our very best potential for you guys, the brides (and grooms)-to-be reading this.

So go grab yourself a copy, sit down with a cup of tea and have a look through at all the amazing stuff going in in this issue… If your keen on the photos you see of ours in there, keep checking out this blog 🙂 (from now on it’ll go back to pretty pictures only, we promise!)

HELLO-HELLO-(2-of-24) HELLO-HELLO-(4-of-24) HELLO-HELLO-(7-of-24) HELLO-HELLO-(15-of-24) HELLO-HELLO-(8-of-24) HELLO-HELLO-(9-of-24) HELLO-HELLO-(13-of-24)


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