The Wanderers are a team of photographers and creatives that have set out to redefine wedding photography. We are a photography studio that brings something new to the table;

we offer the easiest & most relaxed

version of wedding photography that exists today

At the Wanderers, we get weddings and we know what brides want. Planning a wedding can be stressful, and it shouldn’t be! Life is too short to stress out! Stress is lame, and we want no part of it. We want to make the process simple and easy, so we’ve taken out a lot of the frills. You’ll see our prices are really simple, and our approach, even more so.

With us, there will be no complicated packages that trick or deceive you, and there will be no hourly rate that you have to agonise over; basically there will be nothing for you to worry about.

We are professionals

we know what we are doing &

we want you to have fun

Not only do we keep the process simple, but we also provide you with an experience and quality of work that is unparalleled. We all excel in our fields and have been brought together for one reason only; to make couples walk away from us, absolutely stoked. We put everything we have into each and every couple; we are going to do our very best, to capture you at your very best.

Collectively, we are a group of creative, friendly, relaxed and fun people but we each have our own personalities. We’re a small group for now, but we’re always looking to find more Wanderers.

So Who is in the team?


Gray was the seed that started the Wanderers. Being here from the start, he has seen it blossom into what it is today and now spends his time mentoring and overseeing the team whilst dedicating his craft to his new project at GRAY. You can see some of his earlier work with the Wanderers here



Andy is a super photographer. With unmatched hustle, incredible vision and a brilliant guy to have around, he will amaze you as much as he is amazing us… A lot! Heres a link to see a little more!



Scott. Amazing guy. He constantly challenges all of us to make ourselves better at what we do, and with the photos he is taking we are just blown away by what he delivers every single team. Scotty, you’re the man. See his work here



Jason is a funny, funny guy. He is also a supremely talented photographer, who loves nothing more than to create a set of images for couples to cherish forever. See a bit more of Jason here



Mag is another one of our super talented photographers. He’s the up for anything guy that everyone loves to have around, and takes really, really good photos. See more of Mag here



Joel is the business. He is the guy behind the scenes making everything run smoothly. He’s super friendly, and can answer any questions you have. He’ll put you at ease, and make the whole process super simple and clear.



Jarrad is the design wizard. He makes everything we do look AWESOME! He created our website and is working his butt off making sure our website looks great and works well.



Renee’s game is albums. She will meet up with you when you return from your honeymoon with her giant smile and a stack of photos to help you design your own wedding album. She’s pretty great.


Together, we have been to more weddings than we can remember, and we know what’s important. We will be there when dad first sees you in your dress, we will be there when your brother looks at you with more pride than he has ever mustered before and we will be there when you first sit down to dinner and take a deep breath that says ‘this is real’. We will be there from the start and we will be there until the end. We have it covered. And the entire time we will be giving everything we have got creatively to provide you with something you will cherish for your entire life. We will capture your wedding as you have always dreamed it would be captured. That for us is worth more than anything. With us, you can relax; you are in good hands.

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