We are the Wanderers, A team of photographers based in Sydney Australia, that love to get over to Bali for our end of wedding season time to spend some time in the sun (We actually get none over the Australian summer!)

That being said, we absolutely love taking wedding photos, and would love to partner with you for your wedding in Bali!

We will already be there, so there won’t be any travel cost included… And we actually enjoy the trip so much each time we are there, meeting so many lovely couples along the way, that we’ll even throw in a cheeky discount from our regular price.

have a squiz at a few photos we’ve taken, and if you’re interested in what you see, feel free to head through the site to see more of our work, or jump onto the contact form and let us know what date you are hoping to have your wedding  🙂

Whether you are based in Australia, Bali or anywhere in the world, we’d love to see if what we can offer works for you guys!


All the best


-The Wanderers Team