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‘Hi guys,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the photos!!

The day is such a hazy memory already, but Jase gave us exactly what we were after in capturing all the details we missed amid the frenzy (along with some lovely ones of us)! We can’t wait to show them around to friends and family – they get better every time we look.

It was super lovely to share it with you both. Thanks so much for taking care of us!

All the best for you guys, we’ll let you know if we ever need another photo shoot 🙂

Laura and Cole’


“Hey Jase, Thank you so much for our beautiful photos. Tim is in Isa so he hasn’t seen them all yet, but I’m meeting him in the Gold Coast for his birthday on friday and will take them all with me to show him. But I just wanted to tell you in advance, they are amazing Jase. Thank you for being so generous with your time and creative energy and for being so supportive to us on the day. You are a very humble and hard working guy- I have so much respect for that. So many of our friends commented on that too.