Laurent + Caroline

I sat on the pebble covered shore of Eze, a small town on the South Coast of France. It was too early for pizza, but I gnawed relentlessly on a slice of hot pepperoni lovers regardless. The day before had shocked all sense and reason out of me, my body clock taking the hit. I had just spent 17 hours taking photos on top of a mountain, overlooking the French Coast, with two of the most amazing people i have ever met.

The wedding took place in a Church, perched literally on the very edge of a cliff, that overlooked the shore, hundreds of meters below. Attending weddings that aren’t in English are always special, as rather than being caught up in what is actually being said, all I can go off is emotion and tone, and honestly, at the wedding of Laurent and Caroline, the ceremony was euphoric.

As I finished my pizza I stayed seated for a while longer. This so called job has (and still is) opening my eyes continually to what things are worth striving for. Honestly, it took one day for me, for anyone that was there present at this wedding on a cliff top in the south of France… to see that the only thing that truly matters is love.

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