Martin + Patricia

Have you ever experienced something so incredible, that no matter how you try to share it with people, your attempts never do it justice? For me, that experience was Spain.

In July of last year I shot a wedding,
I shot THE wedding.

For months I have tried to recreate the atmosphere in words, but honestly it is impossible. And for now, thats ok. I will treasure it forever in my heart as one of the most special moments of my life.

They say its never a great idea to get too emotionally invested in your line of work.

For us, we crossed that line when we started, and with weddings like Martin and Patricia’s, we are so grateful that we did. The photos below will give you insight into what the day looked like, but here is a little run down on what it felt like…

And at 4am, after an INSANE wedding, the music was so loud that the small cottage we were in in the forest felt like it would crumble at any second.

At 5am the spanish guys versed the dutch guys in bouquet football.

At 6am, the bride, groom and myself were lying in the middle of the road looking at stars together while they taught me naughty words in Spanish.

The groom and I, at 7am… yes, AM, were balancing flower pots on our heads whilst trying to surf on the tables.


We find it literally impossible to not invest ourselves into the weddings we photograph. People celebrating their love is such a contagious thing to be around. We want in.

Thanks Martin and Patricia


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