Nat + Nate

On July 14th, I returned home from 3 months overseas shooting weddings.

The time away was incredible, for a whole number of reasons…. But the thing that sticks out more than any other in my mind, Is the wedding of Nat and Nate.

Nat’s Grandmother grew up, met a man and married in Malta. A beautiful Sandstone building with as much charm as four walls and a roof can posses, sitting quietly in the middle of the ancient Island.

In May of this year, Nat travelled eagerly with her fiancé Nate from Australia, back to the Island of Malta, to get married in the very same church.

Nate’s grandfather also grew up in Malta… In fact, he drove out to his late Grandfather’s house to prepare for the day.

There has been few things I have ever seen, let alone had the privilege to be a part of, that have moved me the way this day did. Nat and Nate are simply perfect, and I wish them the happiest future together. Thank you both for inviting me into your lives, I will never forget it.

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