We are pushing ourselves as hard as we can to come up with the most affordable price we can muster and here it is…

For a limited time-

12 hour coverage

and all best photos fully edited for only




We get it all. No matter where you are, or what your wedding looks like, It will be covered, non stop, from when we first arrive until the night is over. Your whole day, captured tirelessly.


The best photos fully edited. Usually we will take anywhere from 2000-4000 photos throughout the day. A tonne of these photos are just repeats. Photoshop is amazing, but we prefer to make sure eyes stay open in the photos, so that huge number of shots we take really comes down to about 300-500 unique photos. Every shot is then carefully made to look just like it did on the day, and then presented to you guys for you to enjoy for the rest of your lives.


An awesome team of people behind you, doing everything they can to make the photos of your day awesome.

Weddings are super personal, and as a result, we want to provide products that suit you. We don’t want to trap you into any package that includes anything you don’t want. As a result, we have kept the base at the most affordable price possible, and we are more than happy for you guys to take the disc and live happily ever after. If however, you would like albums, we can definitely help you out.


Albums cost $1200. They are 8 inches tall by 12 inches long (that opens up to 8×24). They include 25 pages (not to be confused with a spread) and extra pages are super affordable ($50 each). The albums are printed at the highest quality, and if you think you might be interested, we can definitely bring some along for you to look at when we meet up. We think they are an awesome way to keep your photos!

We at The Wanderers want to keep costs down as much as we can. That’s what we’re about. We are based in Sydney, and are constantly asked to travel Australia and even Worldwide to provide our services to cool couples like you. As a result, we charge for both flights and accommodation. In both instances, we encourage you to find the most affordable options for both. We most definitely don’t mind being crammed in the back of a tiny plane, or staying in a super cheap (read somewhat questionable) motel. We wouldn’t push ourselves so much to keep our price down if we then expected 5 star anything! So if you’re in Brisbane, or Melbourne, all we would need is a cheap flight down the day before the wedding, a place to sleep (close to your wedding venue) for both the night before and night of the wedding, and then a plane flight home.

In some instances we have had to shoot weddings literally in the middle of no-where. If lifts or borrowed cars are available, we are super happy to opt for these before having to fork out for a hire-car, however, in the past there have been some instances in which we have had to arrange for a hire car to be used. This would also be added on to the bill. Any drive that is more than 4 hours in either direction from Sydney will also result in petrol being charged for. That’s where ‘hidden’ costs end. There is no charging for our time (in travel) no charging for extra hours. No charging for anything post wedding. That’s it. Plain and simple pricing.

It’s super easy, We pass on details for a bank account, and we take direct bank transfers. There is a deposit that holds the date in place ($1000) and this is paid as soon as you’ve made the call that you want the best wedding experience out there, and want to hire us. After that, the remainder is paid at any time between the first time we meet, and the wedding day itself. We recommend paying the final installment 2 weeks before the wedding, so you have one less thing to worry about! If you get paid in chunks, and would like to pay in installments, too easy, we can work something out. We like things super simple.