Ryan + Yaeko

The story behind how I came to photograph this wedding is a little bit fun.

The Wanderers has been alive for just over four months now, and we are so stoked with the dozens of couples that have already trusted us enough to invest in us for their wedding day. We will truly try our hardest for each and every one of you.

Before it all kicked off though, we each had our own thing going on. I (Gray) was photographing weddings under my own name, and mid 2012, had the crazy-brilliant opportunity to photograph 6 weddings on consecutive weekends through Europe.

I started in Finland, and shot Germany, Italy, Spain, before heading back to Germany, and then back to Finland. The whole thing was an unbelievable experience for me as a photographer, and I was stoked to put smiles on couples from the other side of the Globe.


Mid way through the trip, I received an email from Ryan and Yaeko. They were a young couple, He was American, She, Peruvian, living in Lake Como – Italy. (Random huh)

They had found me on Facebook of all places. We managed to work it out that I could swing by Lake Como after the wedding I photographed in Cagliairi (An island off the South Coast of Italy), and so I did just that.

I slept on the floor of their flat for 3 nights, they showed me around their beloved home town, and we took some photos that literally changed how I viewed photography. (Have you seen the photo of that stunning woman in white standing waist deep in water on the home page?? – that’s Yaeko.)   ((you can see the photos from the trip to lake como here- http://thewanderers.com/portfolio/ryan-yaeko/)

After they saw the photos, I was incredibly taken aback when they asked if I would travel to the other side of the world (Both from my little old home in Sutherland, Sydney, and from their little old home in Como, Italy) to Lima, Peru, to shoot their wedding, just under a year from then.

…So I just got back. I climbed Maccu Piccu with Jane (my girlfriend), ate Piranha Eyeballs and almost died riding a bike down the death road in Bolivia… But the thing that I miss more than any of it, was Ryan and Yaeko. Their infectious energy for life, their commitment to each other, their crazy, crazy dance moves, and their absolute knock-out of a wedding.

Below is a small sample of the photos that I took during the day.

I truly wish Ryan and Yaeko the best, they are incredible people that have done so much in shaping how I see what love actually looks like.  gracias tanto a los dos! -Gray


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